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Visior for police-helmets model “Frankfurt”

This Visor, model “Frankfurt” has been created by us in order to get used with the police-helmets, make Roemer, type P 12 and P 14. Its speciallity is the integrated aeration-slot, due to it, there is even during lower outside-temperature a undiminished sight through the Visor.

Additional advantages of this product:
The enlarged height allows more protection of the chin as well as partly of the neck. Our design allows likewise the usage of the gasmask at the same time as the Visor. The used material, Polycarbonate with a Thickness of 4mm is of an extraordinary highly break-strength as well as non-splintering and moreover hardly inflamable according to grade B 1 of DIN 4102.

It is also possible for our Company, to Produce any kind of Police-helmet visors according to the used helmet.

We are the producer for the helmet-visors of different brands

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