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KELLCO – Anti-Riot resp. Police-Protective-Shield (long)

Our protective Shield version “long”, design-registered under DBGM G 8204 425.2 shows an extremly high consumption of energy i.e. impact absorption. Due to it’s design it has a very good resistance against influence by means of pointed objects. The shield with a material-thicknes of 3mm is approved and certificated according to the technical terms (TR) of the German Police “Protective Police – Shield – long, transparent”, edition: October 2009 – Revision February 2010 and also to the terms of the edition May 1996.

Alternatively the shield can also produced with a matarial-thickness of 4 mm, instead of 3 mm like TR requieres. By this means, the protection of the policeman is increased, but the maximum weight of the Shield (= 3,5 kg without stick limited by TRL) is exceeded. The Shield itself corresponds with the TR. Due to its spe-cial design, the transparency is much better than thatone from an ribbed shield.

In case of enhanced saftey – requirements, there might be necessary an increased protective area of the shield, even more than prescribed in TRL: that will be possible to execute without an significant additional work.
Please note, that the designs of shield and handles are protected under the Law of the european community.

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