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Our short-portrait

As middle-class business, we have more than 50 years experience in the processing of semi-finished materials: Acrylics, Polycarbonat and other transparent plastics.

Problem-solutions from semi-finished plastics

In the acrylic-glass-half-stuff processing it almost gives nothing, which we don’t do. Tell us your problems, we will help to solve them.

Beside a multiplicity of other products, we also produce protection-covers, and other protection-appliances from Plexiglas (acrylic-glass), as well from high-impact, transparent plastics, for example Polycarbonat and PETG. We manufacture another big number of other technical parts, predominantly from acrylic-glass for the mechanical engineering.

Leading in glewing technology

With our, especially in the glewing technology of the plastics, we do process, our experienced know-how gives you the assurance for a high-quality processing to a favorable price. With that of us developed, stuck together hermetically, we have put down loudspeaker-casings standards world-wide.

Own silk-screen printing workshop

For the production of high-quality scales (medicine-technology), pictograms and other printed parts, we have our own silk-screen workshop.

Development and production of body-protection-equipment

Beside our standard-production program we develop and manufacture also helmet-visors and riot-shields for the police.

High quality

The high quality-standard of our products is estimated by our customers. Our quality-protection-system is certified for deliveries into the kernel-technology.

Drawing-based production

To give you an offer, we require the part-drawing and the number of pieces.

Do you still have questions?
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KELLCO, Keller & Pfahls GmbH Schubertstr. 102 63179 Obertshausen
Phone: +49(0)6104-79079 Fax: +49(0)6104-75354